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The Jimmy Carter Conversation on US-China Relations

    Date / Time:
    Saturday, November 18, 2023
    4:00-5: 30pm:  Conference
    5:30-6:30 pm:  Reception (by invitation only)
    6:30-8:00 pm:  Dinner (by invitation only)

    The Center for Business Studies and Innovation in Asia-Pacific (CBSI) is partnering with The Carter Center to co-host the inaugural “The Jimmy Carter Conversation on US-China Relations.” On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the normalization of US-China relations, President Carter published an op-ed in the Washington Post titled “How to repair the U.S.-China relationship — and prevent a modern Cold War”. He wrote,


    In 1979, Deng Xiaoping and I knew we were advancing the cause of peace. While today’s leaders face a different world, the cause of peace remains just as important. Leaders must bring new vision, courage and ingenuity to new challenges and opportunities, but I believe they also must accept our conviction that the United States and China need to build their futures together, for themselves and for humanity at large.


    The Jimmy Carter Conversation on US-China Relations, which will take place annually in a closed-door setting, is designed to discuss a major component of the most consequential bilateral relationship in the world and identify ways for the managers of the relationship to prevent this factor from becoming a source of friction. Its mission is to heighten and spread the conviction that “the United States and China need to build their futures together, for themselves and for humanity at large.” The first conversation will examine how the legacy of Jimmy Carter can be applied to stabilize the tumultuous US-China relations and help us find a new framework to peacefully coexist.


    California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has demonstrated a strong interest in and knowledge of the complexities of the US-China bilateral relationship and is visiting China this month to discuss issues related to climate change, has been invited (but is not yet confirmed) as the keynote speaker. Panelists will include politicians, business leaders, scholars and representatives of different aspects of the people-to-people exchange between the two nations. Among the invited speakers are Governor Gavin Newson, Ambassador Max Baucus, and Dr. Orville Schell of Asia Society.