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GSAP Managing Faculty


Ker Gibbs
CBSI Executive in Residence

Richard Greggory Johnson III

Stephen Roddy

Vivian Faustino
2023 Global Sustainability Challenge (GSSC) Co-ordinator
Adjunct Professor

William Ktsanes
Adjunct Professor

Susan Stryker
2023 International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition (IBESCC) Co-ordinator
Adjunct Professor


In the summer of 2016, the Chinese Business Studies Initiative (CBSI) conceived of a new program to introduce USF students to international business in China: the International Student Ambassadors Program, or ISAP. Together with the generosity of the CBSI sponsors, 30 outstanding USF undergraduate students have been selected to participate in the ISAP program.

We believe the ISAP experience will provide a powerful learning opportunity for understanding international business and a further opportunity for networking and making new friends. Together with an enthusiastic endorsement from the University of San Francisco, the generous support of our sponsors and the most gracious welcome from China, we are very pleased to be able to initiate our first CBSI International Student Ambassador Program to China.

ISAP Managing Faculty are honored to be involved in various aspects of the program, by selecting students, providing foundational information about Chinese culture and business practices, and coordinating the travel and business arrangements to China. We anticipate a very rich and memorable experience for all.