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Professor Xiaohua Yang Comments on the significance of President Xi’s visit to the US

    Singtao Daily Reporter Zhen Zhang reports from San Francisco:

    Both U.S. and China have high expectation about President Xi’s upcoming visit to the United States, and have engaged each other in a series of dialogue on a variety of related issues including global warming, bilateral investment and exchange students for several months now. From the perspective of Dr. Xiaohua Yang, a professor at the University of San Francisco and international business expert, the tension between U.S. and China eased before President Xi’s visit, indicating the significance of the visit and expectations of U.S. and Chinese political leaders for this visit.

    The schedule of President Xi during his U.S. trip is fully packed with a variety of activities, including China-U.S. entrepreneur forum, overseas Chinese reception, and China-US governor forum, as well as visiting the Microsoft headquarters, Boeing factory and Tacoma high school.

    “The schedule of President Xi in the U.S. sends the strong signal that economic and trade relations are still the priority of China-U.S. relationship. Let’s talk about business now and we can untangle some of the sensitive political issues later” said Dr. Xiaohua Yang,

    Dr. Xiaohua Yang also pointed out that both China and U.S. strongly rely on each other economically and trade wise. “The more political leaders of U.S. and China talk about sensitive political issues, the more intense China-U.S. relation would be. I stated in my opening speSi international conference last February that China business is American business and American business is China business. They are interconnected with each other,” added Dr. Yang.

    Translation by Tingting Guo

    華人學者 評習訪美意義


    習近平訪美在即,中美雙方對這次訪美都十分期待,在幾個月前已經開始圍繞各個議題的 雙邊磋商活動。這些議題包括氣候變暖,雙邊投資、留學生交流等。三藩市大學教授,國 際貿易問題專家楊小華認為,訪問日期臨近,兩國之間的緊張氣氛有所緩和,體現出雙方 對此次兩國領導人見面的重視和期待。

    中國國家主席習近平的訪問行程緊密而豐富。他除了會出席中美企業家座談會,僑界招待 會、中美州省長論壇,還會參觀微軟總部、波音工廠和探訪塔科瑪的林肯高中等。

    看到習近平主席短短兩天裡密密麻麻的訪問清單,楊小華教授指出,“這個清單顯示習主 席在釋出一個信號,他要向美國表示,我們還是要以經濟關係為主,少談其他敏感的政治 問題,在交流上着重商業上的往來。比如到比爾.蓋茨家作客,這就是非常大的信號!” 楊小華說,經濟利益肯定與雙邊利益密切相關,在這個層面上,中美兩國對對方的依賴都 非常高。“政治敏感的問題談多了,摩擦會更多。我在二月時的一個演講中就說過,中國 商務就是美國商務,美國商務也是中國商務。”