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Nora Wu Speaks at ISAP Event “The Future of Work”

    The Future of Work

    Jocelyn Luciani, ISAP Vice President

    March 28, 2022

    On March 28, 2022, ISAP held its first in-person professional development event in over two years. ISAP welcomed CBSI advisory board member and USF trustee Nora Wu to participate in a fireside chat discussion surrounding the future of work. With 28 years of global cross-industry business, talent, and government consulting experience, Nora was able to share her expertise on the skills young leaders need in entering the changing workforce. Nora began by discussing the importance of the transition to remote work and the flexibility it brings to 21st century- students. The perception of remote work has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and Nora foresees this trend remains. The pandemic accelerated different megatrends, which Nora narrowed down to; e-commerce, remote work, sustainability, and automation. Besides the industry trends, much of the discussion surrounded the necessary skills students need post-pandemic in entering the workforce. Nora shared that the skill she has been most reliant on throughout her career and foresees students needing is people skills. Despite the increasing amount of automation occurring today, Nora mentioned that human connection is still a vital skill in connecting with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. Other necessary skills mentioned were learning agility, a growth mindset, and critical thinking. Based on Nora’s experience, she shared her journey coming to the United States and the importance of self-confidence, perseverance, grit, and determination as a woman of color in the workforce. Nora is a passionate advocate for education, diversity and inclusion, and women’s increasingly important role in the workforce. Participants shared their individual similar stories and questions based on Nora’s experiences. After the fireside chat, students were able to network with other students (ISAP and non-ISAP members) and the chance to speak personally with Nora, who is also a USF alumna. The talk exceeded expectations and created excitement surrounding future in-person ISAP events. ISAP and CBSI are grateful to Nora Wu for sharing her expertise and her consistent dedication and willingness to support CBSI, ISAP, and USF students.