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Lives and Livelihood: War in Ukraine and What’s Next?

    CBSI will host a virtual panel discussion on May 4, 2022 featuring thought leaders who will present diverging views on the history of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the role of the West in the conflict, and deciphering China’s position given its tense relationship with the U.S.Russia’s war with Ukraine and the unprecedented sanctions imposed by the U.S. and western allies have rattled the global economy and financial markets; the war has also caused enormous human suffering, lost lives, and displaced three million people. With the ongoing conflict having no end in sight, it would be prudent to step back and assess the role of the West and its allies in precipitating the war. What actions could the U.S. and allies take to change the trajectory of Russia’s invasion? Where does China stand amidst the pressures coming from the West and its relationship with Russia? How have the economic sanctions reshaped the strategies of multinational corporations? How will the war affect the global energy market? Is there any hope for stopping this devastating war? What will a post-war world order look like?