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ISAP Celebrating its Graduates

    On May 20, 2022, ISAP and CBSI honored its five graduating members with a celebration which included parents and families, staff members, and existing ISAP members. Incoming ISAP Vice President, Angel Lopez, who attended the event in support of ISAP graduates said, “The ISAP graduation celebration was small compared to USF’s graduation ceremony, yet I think it personally felt more uplifting and welcoming because the members involved all knew each other. If they didn’t, they had the chance to meet everyone involved in CBSI and ISAP. Personally, I felt that it was a fitting conclusion to the semester that we had because we managed to truly connect with each other while celebrating our graduates, especially our ISAP President Austin, who shaped ISAP to be active and well known in the USF community.”

    ISAP’s President from 2019 until May 2022, Austin Downs was celebrated for his dedication to ISAP, CBSI, and his impact on the program. Austin’s contributions this past semester were seen through ISAP’s first in-person events since the pandemic. Austin left the program recognized for his efforts and contributions. In leaving the program Austin was asked what ISAP meant to him and left with this closing statement. “Among friends, family, colleagues, and mentors, I was able to celebrate all of the accomplishments that ISAP and CBSI have had during my time with them. Serving as the President of ISAP, I lead the planning of many panels, fireside chats, webinars, social events, and a Silicon Valley field trip. During this two-year journey, I was able to grow the student program, and make valuable connections along the way. While looking around the reception area, I saw a room that was filled with conversation, laughter, and most of all pride to be a part of such a successful organization.” Austin’s contributions to the program were not unnoticed by the ISAP members. One ISAP member stated that “I kid you not when I say that I saw Austin talk to every single person in the room – starting by their name and ending with laughter – it truly did show how ISAP is more than just a professional opportunity.”

    Incoming ISAP Co-President, John Chetnwyd was also present at the celebration. John and Angel are joining the existing ISAP Vice President and now Co-President, Jocelyn Luciani, in the ISAP leadership team for the 2022-2023 school year.

    The celebration served as a recognition for all of the accomplishments ISAP members have made over the past year. ISAP is excited to kick off the next school year with this momentum built from our existing team.