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Insights on the job market for university graduates

    The International Student Ambassador Program (ISAP) of CBSI hosted a Zoom event on April 24, 2020, co-organized and co-led by Sun-Young Park (ISAP Manager, associate professor in School of Management), Austin Downs (ISAP student president) and Evan Matthew Chan (ISAP student vice president). The event topic was international business experts’ insight on the pandemic effects on the business community, and how university students can prepare for the job market. The expert panel consisted of three CBSI advisory board members: Mr. Kishan Bulusu (Founder and CEO, Trealth), Dr. Mary Teagarden (Professor of Global Strategy, Thunderbird School of Global Management), and Mr. Jeff Wu (Chief Executive Officer, Symbio). Acknowledging the harsh reality of the pandemic effects, the panel advised students to make conscious efforts to keep developing themselves, map their skill sets and learn about industry sectors that they can explore after graduating, including those that they might not have considered before this pandemic. They also encouraged students to be more flexible and creative about job opportunities, focusing on experiences not titles and be more tolerant with risks. In conclusion, this event provided students with informed, valuable advice about their future in a time when it is most needed.

    Meeting Recording: