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Honorary Advisors

Chairman of the board of Suzhou HYC Technology.

Mr. Chen has over 20 years of experience in the field of flat panel display test, the design of precision test equipment, crimping technology, alignment technology, processing technology, and advanced engineering materials application technology. He holds 25 invention patents and has been leading his team to continuously innovate and develop in the field of industrial testing for the last 15 years. Mr. Chen is a recipient of many awards, including 2018 Outstanding Contribution Award for Science and Technology Research and 2014-2015 Suzhou Outstanding Private Entrepreneur of the Year. He received his graduate degree from Yokohama National University, Japan.

Suzhou HYC Technology Co. has become the world’s largest manufacturer of flat panel display touching detection equipment and the most competitive supplier of semiconductor detection equipment in China. The core technology products are gradually implementing import substitution, enabling China’s intelligent manufacturing. The company has received a number of significant awards, including, 2018 Independent Innovative Private Company and 2018 Suzhou Top Ten Specialized and New Demonstration Companies.

In 2019, Suzhou HYC Technology Co. entered China’s capital market and became the first company approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission to be listed on China Star Market, also known as Science and Technology Innovation Stock Market.

President of Hong Kong Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of Shandong Haina Industry Group Co., Ltd. ​

In 1987, he was accepted as a Political Science and Education major at Wenzhou Normal University and was hired to work at the university after graduation. In 1993, he joined the Wenzhou Youth League Committee, serving as the PR Direcctor and Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Secretary General and Vice Chairman of Wenzhou Youth Alliance, Deputy Director of the Office of the Construction Leading Group of Wenzhou City Central District. In January 2003, he served as Deputy Director of Longwan District, Wenzhou City. In July 2004, he resigned from those posts and started his own business. Currently, he is the chairman of Shandong Haina Industry Group Co., Ltd., the chairman of Shanghai Lalisi Trading Co., Ltd., and the president of Hong Kong Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce. He was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and holds Master of Business Administration.



MS. XIANG GAO (高翔 Kelly)
CEO of Bohong Inc. USA
President, Hebei Chamber of Commerce in California USA

Madame Kelly Gao is the CEO of Bohong Inc. in USA, President of Youmyou Inc. in USA, General Manager of Lihe Investment Holding Company in Singapore, Director of Hebei Kunzhan Industrial Co., Ltd, Director of e-commerce platform, CEO of Hebei Silicon Valley Innovation Park in USA. Madame Gao founded Bohong Inc. In 2013, which is a comprehensive development corporation in Silicon Valley, USA, with a collection of real estate, investment, trade, and high-tech transformation. Hebei Silicon Valley Innovation Park/Bohong Cloud Valley Incubator, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, is a science and technology innovation center. It attracts both investments and high caliber personnel talents from overseas, channels projects, talents and business mode for domestic enterprises in China, and provides all-around services for domestic enterprises expanding internationally.

Kelly is also active in charity, engaging in helping financially distressed students, Disaster relief and donation. She regularly organizes educational and cultural exchanges between China and USA, hosts Hebei provincial government and various level government agencies, enterprises delegations to the USA, co-ordinates establishment of friendship city relations. She also organizes delegations representing American Businesses, Technology, Education, Culture and Association entities and government agencies to join promotion conferences hosted by Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, New Development Zone District in China.

CEO, Shanghai Dahan Tricom

Mrs. Xiaofen Huang, is the Chair and CEO of Shanghai Dahan Tricom, e-commerce company in China. She is a member of Minjin Party. Since 2004, Mrs. Huang has been in charge of operation and marketing team in Shanghai Dahan Tricom Corp. (code: 430237), which was founded in 2003 and offers cloud based value-added telecommunication services. On December 2, 2012, she was elected as an executive by the shareholders’ general meeting and appointed as deputy general manager by the board of directors for a term of three years. In the general election on December 11, 2015, she was elected for the same position for another three years. During the general election on December 11, 2018, she was elected by the board of directors as a third term director with a term of three years, at the same time was appointed as the vice chair of Shanghai Dahan Tricom Corp. as well as Chair and CEO for Shanghai Dahan Tricom e-commerce company. Mrs. Huang received her master’s degree in Software Engineering at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, MBA at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai School of Economics and Management, and EMBA in Finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Founder and CEO, e-Wonderful

Mr. Zhou has supported more than 1000 schools/universities to set up talent cultivation project, curriculum system, faculty training and campus environment construction in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation education and business major practical teaching in China and around the world. He was granted International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Teacher’s Qualification Certificate by Babson College. While at Yonyou Group, he was one of first Specially Appointed Professors of Yonyou University, a top 10 Distinguished Lecturer and one of the first Action Learning Catalysts of Yonyou Group. He was the Chief editor for Entrepreneurial Life. At Seentao Technology Co., Ltd. He served as a company partner, Senior VP, General Manager of Enterprise-School Cooperation Business Unit, Dean of Seentao Entrepreneurship and Innovation College, Deputy Chairman of the Seentao Joint Committee of School Principles. He also served as the International Youth Entrepreneurship Mentor, member of China National Steering Committee of Finance Vocational Education, Deputy Secretary General of National League of Vocational Colleges and Enterprises, MBA mentor of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; visiting professor of Renmin University of China, Wuhan University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, Vice President of Provincial entrepreneurs association, Vice Chairman of multiple vocational education organization. He is vice president of Business Committee for China Vocational Technology Education Society, Vice Chairman of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee for China Vocational Technology Education Society. Mr. Zhou received his MBA from Renmin University of China, and EMBA from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.