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GSAP Students Dress for Success!

    (October 4, 2023) The Center for Business Studies and Innovation in Asia-Pacific’s (CBSI) Global Student Ambassador Program (GSAP) organized a very lively and interactive “Dress for Success” workshop. Fashion and image consultant Lilly Cook shared with students the importance of personal branding in the professional world. Among the topics covered were business etiquette, cross-cultural communication, and the use of color theory to create unique styles.

    This practical, interactive and fun event was organized by GSAP Co-President Antonia Urovsky, a USF graduate student completing both an MBA and Master’s in Asia Pacific Studies. Special thanks Antonia for all her hard work, to Lilly for sharing her expertise, and to Kathleen Uribe of Pinnacle Elite for her sponsorship.

    Pictured above (left to right): Lilly Cook with Antonia Urovsky looking on; Lilly with students; Lilly providing pointers to GSAP Vice President Hemil Doshi; Poonam Kakodkar, Antonia, Kathleen Uribe, Dr. Xiaohua Yang, Lilly, Lilly’s assistant Sherry, William Ktsanes, and GSAP alum and past president Austin Downs