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GSAP Leaders Get the Word Out – Twice!

    (October 10, 2023) At the start of the fall semester and again mid semester, student leaders from the Center for Business Studies and Innovation in Asia-PacifiC’s (CBSI) Global Student Ambassador Program (GSAP) helped get the word out to the campus community about CBSI and GSAP. At an August 24th Student Leadership and Engagement (SLE) “Fall 2023 Involvement Fair” in Gleeson Plaza, GSAP President Jocelyn Luciani and Vice President Poonam Kakodkar found strong interest among the students they met. A few months later, Jocelyn and Vice President Chia Effendy organized an October 10th “open house” in Malloy Hall to educate USF students about GSAP-related opportunities and recruit new members.

    As with any student program, there is turnover in membership as new students arrive and old students graduate. We were pleased to see particularly strong interest in CBSI and GSAP among incoming 1st year undergraduate students (“freshmen”).

    CBSI thanks Jocelyn, Poonam and Chia for being such great ambassadors!

    Pictured above (left to right): CBSI and GSAP leaders, supporters and potential new recruits at the open house; GSAP President Jocelyn Luciani and Vice President Chia Effendy