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Generative Artificial Intelligence Summit: Students Take the Lead

    (April 12, 2023) Students from the University of San Francisco Center for Business Studies and Innovation in Asia-Pacific’s (CBSI) Global Student Ambassador Program (GSAP) partnered with the venture capital firm Amino Capital, the USF MBA and Executive MBA programs, and the USF Startup Club to co-host the “USF Generative AI Summit” on campus. Students, faculty, and industry practitioners joined panelists Aditya Nair (VP, Turing), Larry Li (Partner, Amino), Dr. Sue Xu (Partner, Amino), Samanyou Garg (Founder/CEO, WriteSonic) and Kishan Bulusu (Founder/CEO, Botprise; CBSI Advisory Board member) in a timely and fascinating discussion of technology and venture capital trends related to generative artificial intelligence innovations such as ChatGPT. It was a particularly valuable opportunity for students interested in career paths and new opportunities in this emerging field. Special thanks to CBSI Executive Board member Professor Roger Chen for bringing together CBSI Global Student Ambassador Program President John Chetwynd, USF Startup Club President Marcos Lopes, and Executive MBA student Eduardo Parra in organizing this very successful student-led event.