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Dr. Xiaohua Yang Interviews with Singtao Radio

    Professor Xiaohua Yang, Director of USF China Business Studies Initiative (CBSI), was interviewed by Star Hu, host of Singtao Radio Program, on the hot topic of the U.S.-China trade conflict on April 16, 2019. Professor Yang, an expert on foreign direct investment and globalization of firms, discussed winners and losers resulting from trade wars and stated that a real trade war could be detrimental to the global peace and economy. She added that the current trade conflict has already impacted investors’ decision, with some Chinese investors halting projects and others looking elsewhere. She suggested that this might be a good time for Silicon Valley companies to expanding business in China and may find potential investors to invest in their business operations in China.

    Dr. Yang has been running CBSI with a faculty team since 2014 and her team is organizing a 5th Anniversary Celebration on April 23, 2019 on the USF Main Campus.