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    CBSI’s long-time friend and donor, Kelly Goa, co-Founder of Bohong, Inc., recently donated 8000 FDA-approved face masks to USF. We want to sincerely thank Kelly for her generosity. This donation will help keep our USF campus safe for our students and the rest of the community. Kelly, our honorary advisory board member, has been supporting CBSI since 2017. Her donation has helped CBSI grow its flagship student program, International Student Ambassador Program and has also helped establish our executive seminar programs. She is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a community builder. She established Hebei Chamber of Commerce in California USF in 2016 to build bridges in business relationships between the US and China.

    Thank you, Kelly!

    Kelly Gao (高 翔)

    Overseas Member of Hebei Province Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee ( CPPCC), CEO of Bohong Inc. in USA, President of Youmyou Inc. in USA, General Manager of Lihe Investment Holding Company in Singapore, Director of Hebei Kunzhan Industrial Co., Ltd, Director of e-commerce platform, CEO of Hebei Silicon Valley Innovation Park in USA.