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CBSI Statement on War in Ukraine

    CBSI Statement on War in Ukraine

    March 8, 2022

    The China Business Studies Initiative (CBSI) at the University of San Francisco builds bridges between the U.S. and China, other Asian countries, and the rest of the world. CBSI also helps USF students from around the world to become leaders of the future.

    We want peace, not war. We want harmony, not aggression. Our hearts break when we see images of Ukrainian mothers bidding goodbye to their sons going to the battlefield and when we see a 9-year-old Ukrainian girl singing “I want to draw my life,” begging for peace. We join communities around the world to support Ukrainian people, to support the students from Ukraine and Russia on the USF campus, and campaign for a rapid end to the war and a return to peace.

    We endorse the March 1 statement from USF President Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J.: “Like many of you, I am saddened and stunned as the unjustified, cynical, and murderous invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces unfolds on television screens, in newspaper coverage, and on social media. I am heartbroken that families and communities are suffering and dying, many fleeing their homes to an uncertain future, others battling in the streets to defend their way of life.”. The CBSI community stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, including Ukrainian refugees in other countries. We condemn any form of violence and especially the atrocities targeting civilians in Ukraine.

    To learn more about the CBSI programs on war in Ukraine and other topics, visit