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CBSI Global Student Ambassador Program Leaders Participate in APEC’s Multistakeholder Forum

    (November 13, 2023) In November, San Francisco hosted the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperations (APEC) Leaders’ Summit, an important annual gathering of heads of state, policy makers and business leaders. Participants includes 21 heads of state, among them US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Also participating were student leaders from the Center for Business Studies and Innovation in Asia-Pacific’s (CBSI) Global Student Ambassador Program (GSAP).

    The first-ever APEC Multistakeholder Forum (AMF) was organized and hosted by Commonwealth Club World Affairs between November 10-13. AMF brought together 130 delegates from the Asia-Pacific region representing stakeholders who have traditionally been underrepresented at APEC—among them nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, women’s groups, students, indigenous populations and other underserved communities.

    Special thanks to the Commonwealth Club, World Affairs Council and John Karr (Chief of Party, APEC Multistakeholder Forum) for providing University of San Francisco students with a seat at the APEC table. Congratulations to our GSAP students for seizing the opportunity!

    Pictured Above: California State Attorney General Rob Bonta delivering opening remarks at the APEC Multistakeholder Forum