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CBSI Faculty Team New Books Published

    (September 1, 2023) The Center for Business Studies and Innovation in Asia-Pacific (CBSI) is pleased to announce that the Peking University Press has published Post M&A Integration: Planning for Success and Post M&A Integration: Organizing for Success (in Chinese), two casebooks co-edited by Xiaohua Yang and Liang Wang from CBSI, Paul W. Beamish and Vanessa C. Hasse from Ivey Business School, and Haifeng Yan from East China University of Science and Technology. The aim of the books is to empower present-day managers and aspiring executives engaged in international mergers and acquisitions to optimize the outcomes of post M&A integration while maximizing the transfer of value.

    Drawing on instances from notable companies such as Midea, Nestlé, Sany Heavy Industry, Lenovo, and others, the first book emphasizes the development of post-M&A integration plans that support company strategy and places a particular focus on effective communication plans among the acquired company, the acquiring company, and other stakeholders. The second book places a central emphasis on four pivotal challenges that emerge after merger transactions: the establishment of a novel organizational structure, the formulation and execution of personnel deployment strategies, the integration of operational functions, and the assimilation of organizational culture.