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CBSI-AP Advisory Board Annual Meeting 2022

    CBSI-AP Annual Advisory Board Meeting was held on December 2, 2022 at San Francisco’s iconic waterfront venue on Pier 9– Klamath Historic Ferry Boat, the new home to the Bay Area Council.

    The board meeting for CBSI-AP was coupled with history, architecture, and stunning views.
    The board members had a robust discussion on various topics, especially with regard to the future of CBSI-AP.  The board was excited about the APEC summit coming to San Francisco in November 2023 and were exploring ways CBSI-AP could get involved.  The board discussion also highlighted CBSI-AP’s achievements over the year 2022 and especially worth noting was the elevation of CBSI to CBSI Asia-Pacific and thus, setting a course for

    The board meeting concluded over dinner and drinks on the Historic Klamath.