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2nd CBSI International Conference Successfully Held in Hebei, China

    Conference Theme: China Innovation and Global Integration: From Silicon Valley to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

    Date: May 17, 2017

    会议日期:May 17, 2017

    Location: Langfang, China

    会议地点:Langfang, China

    CBSI’s 2nd International Conference, “China Innovation and Global Integration: From Silicon Valley to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei”, was successfully held in Hebei, China May 17-19, 2017. This conference was hosted by University of San Francisco’s China Business Studies Initiative and Peking University School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in partnership with Returned Overseas Chinese Federation (Langfang), World Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, Global Innovation Center, East China University of Science and Technology School of Business, Hebei Chamber of Commerce in California USA, and Seentao Technology Co., Ltd. This is the second hybrid CBSI conference that combined both ongoing academic and executive conversations to provide two different perspectives to stimulate a deep discussion and analysis of future Chinese business developments, U.S. and China’s business relationship, and China’s impact on the global economy.

    A wide range of parallel sessions was offered in the conference program, which covered 10 major topics and 7 sub-themes, including: “Globalization and Integration of China’s Businesses”, “China’s Innovation Challenges and Opportunities”, and “Jingjinji Xiong An’s Synergistic Development and Prospects of China-U.S. Business Relationships”. These critical discussions created a munificent platform for over 200 participants to learn about cutting edge knowledge, innovation, and technology from Silicon Valley as well as to share their own views, experience, and insights on the development of China business with prominent speakers from academia, business, and government sectors. The prominent speakers included Vice Governor of Hebei Province Jianpei Xu, Deputy Secretary-General of Municipal People’s Government of Hebei Province and Director of the Leading Group of the 24th Winter Olympic Games Pu Li, Director of Office of Industry and Information Xiaofeng Gong, and Vice Mayor of Langfang City Bingshun Zhang, Elizabeth B. Davis, Dean of the School of Management at the University of San Francisco, Barry Doyle, Associate Dean of the School of Management), as well as global leading scholars like Paul Beamish from the University of Western Ontario, Marshall Meyer from Wharton Business School, Rosalie Tung from Simon Fraser University, Yadong Luo from Miami University, Dongming Chen and Chanqi Wu from Peking University and Haifeng Yan from East China University of Science and Technology, and Yongjun Chen from Renmin University. In addition, corporate executives like Liqin Sheng, Director at IBM Development Lab, Chief Operating Officer Wayne Xue of Haier Group, Senior vice president at Seentao (Yongyou’s listed company) Qianjin Zhou, former senior Executive Vice President and Symbio’s global CEO, Jeff Wu, Deloitt senior partner and international tax expert, Vivien Wang, and former Huawei vice President of global marketing, David Strehlow, also joined in vibrant panel discussions and debates.

    With the growth in business development opportunity, “the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing marks China’s new strategy; it focuses on global cooperation and integration through innovation of science and technology to create an inclusive win-win global economy,” said the Conference organizers, “the Conference has gathered world leading experts, scholars, policy makers and business leaders to facilitate China-U.S. business cooperation, promote Silicon Valley Innovation Mindset, and share experience of technology creation and achievements, improving China and U.S. companies’ productivity and contribution to the global community.”

    Mr. Xu, the Vice Governor of Hebei Province, shared that “China Innovation and Global Integration: From Silicon Valley to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Conference has expedited the processing of cooperation between China and U.S. in innovation of science and technology; and, it has played an important role in promoting Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region development.” To continue the pace of strengthening the support for innovation and entrepreneurship partnerships between China and U.S, University of San Francisco, Global Innovation Center, and Returned Overseas Chinese Federation (Langfang) signed the China-U.S. Innovation Center Cooperation Agreement and the Strategic Partnership Agreement. The collaboration aims to build supportive infrastructures such as science and technology parks, incubators and training bases in Langfang, China. This reflects the goal of this year’s conference, which is to pursue global corporation and innovation. As stated at the welcome ceremony by Xiaohua Yang, the conference chair and the Director of China Business Studies Initiative, “human beings live in one community; no matter where the individuals come from, they can coexist and achieve a win-win outcome through cooperation.”

    One of the highlights of this conference was the participation of 30 Student Ambassadors from the University of San Francisco. They played a pivotal role in facilitating communication and interaction between the US firms and Chinese firms during the B2B match-making events, an integral part of the CBSI conference. Their work started nearly four months ago when they connected with business executives of the B2B firms going to China and helped prepare their roadshow documents and materials. In addition, they attended the conference as full participants and toured science parks and high technology firms as part of the conference. It was a great opportunity for them to see first-hand the economic changes happening in the world’s second largest economy, and to contribute to the growing international platform of China and U.S. corporations considering global operations and productions. To these student ambassadors, it was an unforgettable life-long experience to be immersed in a global business setting and in an entrepreneurial environment while learning about international business.

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    CBSI Global Student Ambassadors were pictured in China at the CBSI International Conference May 17-19 in Langfang.  

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