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ISAP Alumni

The International Student Ambassador Program features highly selective USF students with
a combined international diversity, intellectual excellence, and a driven interest
in entrepreneurship. Initiated in 2016, the program aims to benefit three parties including the North American and Chinese businesses, conference attendees, and our internationally-oriented students.

Nikolaus Jacobs

I am a coffee nerd, and I worked 2 years for the biggest coffee trading house in the world. I am still deeply connected to anything involving coffee and I regularly visit coffee producing countries. In my free time I spend a lot of time around race horses; I enjoy studying the breeding as well as the racing aspect of it.

International Business/Marketing

Alyse Andre

As I continue through my studies and internship experiences, I will determine whether I
want to go to Law School or get my MBA. I love being involved on campus and am in many organizations like Women in Business, Delta Sigma Pi, and CBSI. In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, painting, and playing tennis.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Stephen Chen

I am the President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association, I am interested in playing Golf, Ping Pong, Badminton, and Tai-Chi. I had an internship at the department of foreign trade in China Southern Power Grid last summer, and I like to work in central enterprises of China. I am a big movie fan, I wrote a lot of fantastic lm scripts and directed it as micro- lm at USF, which were also nominated in Campus Movie Festival.


Ying Pan

I am the president of Asian Entrepreneurs Club, which aims to help students prepare for future businesses. I am interested in the fashion and Internet industry. I am starting my own business for creating a new world in fashion. In my free time, I nd playing the piano or singing relaxing.

Business Administration

Abeygail Panganiban

As President of the Entrepreneurs Club, I lead my vision-driven club to ignite and foster future global USF innovators for Good. Our mission to curate a space that allows all students an entrepreneurship experience in the bay area to ideate solutions and execute solutions. My experience of developing the club from scratch o ered intense and rewarding challenges, and inspired many questions about how to develop the best teams to tackle the most challenging problems.


Brittany Tam

Travel and food are never ending in my to-do list. I would like to continue my journey in the hospitality realm by building knowledge of people, culture, and experience through travel, work, and observations. Currently, I work at an independent event company and will work overseas at a hotel during the summer. These opportunities allow me to build on my career path to achieve my aspiration of being consultant in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Management

Julia Aziz

I am an aspiring marketer with a passion for international spheres. Being bilingual and a dual citizen drives me to appreciate diverse cultures and languages. During my free time, I like to engage in outdoor activities and go sightseeing and sometimes I like to stay in and enjoy a good book or some poetry.

International Business Born in the US, raised in Damascus, Syria

Fares Al Muhtaseb

I am originally Palestinian, born and raised in Kuwait. I am currently the President of the Arab Student Union at the University of San Francisco, which aims to celebrate the Arabian Culture and tell our stories to the world. I am interested in exploring global business opportunities.


Priscilla Campos

I am a junior majoring in finance with a minor in economics. I am currently interning at KIPP Foundation within their finance department, where I am advancing my professional and analytical skills. In my free time, I enjoy boxing, and have been a member of USF’s intramural boxing team for the past two years.

Finance Whittier, CA

Angel Duan

As a Marketing major, being a student ambassador is great way to for people to get to know about the uniqueness and capabilities of the University of San Francisco and its potential to “change the world from here.” I love traveling to different places and being able to experience diverse cultures and foods. I did two internships over the summer where I was able to gain experiences in business development, marketing, and communication with executives. In my free time, I like to play tennis, particularly because of the team aspect it provides. I also love coffee and boba.

Marketing/Entrepreneurship & Innovation San Ramon, CA

Taylor Foster

I am a native of the bay area who has a deep interest in financial investments. This past year I have interned at Morgan Stanley in San Francisco and learned about their business model as well as gained experience in the field. I am a self-starter and try to instill creativity in whatever situation I encounter.

Finance Santa Rosa, CA

Bryon Han

I am studying Data Science and am graduating next year. Currently I am fluent in Python, Java, R and SQL. I have in-depth knowledge in machine learning and data-mining and data-visualization. I have worked in Materials Science related industry, a social media company, a university research lab, and a government based mutual fund in China.

Data Science Shanghai, China

Samerial Johns

I’m currently the founder of Aaireal which provides a unique social traveling experience for solo travelers. I’ve also interned at several companies in the Bay Area as a business development intern to gain real world experience with high growth companies such as sPower, Be Omni-On Demand, Mattermark and Smart Meetings. On the side, I enjoy being VP of an accounting organization called SF NABA students. In my free time I travel, dance, eat west African or Filipino food and enjoy being with friends and family.

Finance/Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clinton, MD

Tatum Kassel

I am fascinated with new ideas and I arrive ready to roll up my sleeves and get involved. I want to concentrate in Social Entrepreneurship because I believe it is the future of business and it is more profitable to environmentally/socially help a community and create jobs for the indigenous people within those communities. With the rise of transparent business models,

I want to be apart of an organization that has a sustainable and/or charitable component to their mission while making profits. In my free time I can be found cooking, baking, eating vegan dishes, and reading non-fiction books.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Southern California (West Hills/Sherman Oaks)

Weida Lin

I am currently studying abroad in London and have an finance internship there. I have worked for the ASUSF Senate which is the student government of USF when I was at USF. I have some working experiences which included being a salesperson in retail store, working for the

environmental safety department at USF, and being an interpreter for an tech-company in China. In my free time, I spend time reading current news, going to gym, and sometimes hiking.

Business Administration Shenzhen, China

Shangyang Liu

I enjoy my life because it is an exploration of new ways and technologies to make living easier. I have many interests, but my favorite subjects are biology and economics. No serious actions in business should ignore these two fields. I believe that hard work now can make for a more beautiful tomorrow!

Finance Shandong, China

Chelsea Mathews

I am an avid outdoors woman who believes deeply in the protection of the earth. I recently co-founded the USF Rock Climbing club which aims to bring students into the outdoor community and to inspire a sense of stewardship. I’m interested in any business that has a strong sense of ethical values. I wish I could spend all of my free time skiing or paddle boarding.

Finance Las Vegas, NV

Nico Narduzzi

I am an Entrepreneurship student interested in business development in the technology sector. I am looking to apply my skills in data analytics and reasoning to create value for companies. Being the co-founder of my own venture, Opus Networking Solutions, I have knowledge and first hand experience of the startup process and it’s pitfalls. I am eager to continue creating and innovating as I become more experienced and knowledgeable of developing markets and industries.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Santa Rosa, CA

Nikita Patel

I love to learn about the world and share my experiences with others. In high school, I channeled this through my work with the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and my school’s newspaper. These days, I devote my time to researching American and British consumer demographics for a British film streaming company and coordinating events for Best Buddies. I enjoy spending my free time maintaining a small stationery blog because it lets me share my little niche to the world.

International Business Los Angeles, CA

 Abrielle Peltier

I am an International Business and Chinese Studies Minor and am obsessed with traveling and learning about new cultures. I am interested in working in athletics or the sportswear industry. In my free time I enjoy reading, trying new food, and hanging out with friends.

International Business Leicester, MA

Kanika Priyadarshi

I’m interested in the combination of finance, big data, and technology industries. Currently, I am interning at Cisco as a project specialist intern, working on data analysis and project

management. In my free time, I enjoy Pinterest-ing, doing Tae Kwon Do, drinking boba tea, and Bollywood dancing.

Finance Fremont, CA

Stefano Rakigjija

I’m the product of immigrant parents who both have owned and maintained businesses in trading commodities around the world. I’m attracted to this field as well as many other potential prospects I want to seek out in the future. I recently founded and launched a high end jacket label called Temple. ( In my free time I love spending time on the coast surfing and traveling the world with friends in search of waves and meeting new people.

Business Administration San Diego, CA

David Salazar

I am a student, leader, and aspiring financier! My experiences involve everything from a small investment management firm to some of the largest banks in the world, such as Morgan Stanley and Barclays. In my free time I read, play golf, or indulge in my love of food!

Finance Whittier, CA

Cinthia Segovia-Sosa

I’m a culturally motivated individual who has passionately studied International Business throughout my undergraduate studies. I’ve channeled my curiosity for diversity through my current internship at Kiva, a nonprofit whose mission is to alleviate poverty internationally through Microfinance. Having experienced various cultural settings during my travels to Latin America and Europe, I’m extremely excited to explore Asia and everything the Chinese culture has to offer!

International Business San Carlos, CA

 Crystal Sun

I have interned at Zhongtai Securities Company Limited and People’s Insurance Company of China during last summer vacation. I would like to develop my management and analytical skills to prepare for being a financial analyst. In my spare time, I like singing, reading or doing some sports like playing tennis and swimming.

Finance Jinan, China

Zane Witherspoon

I am a computer scientist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur. I’m willing to work to make my vision of the future a reality. Founder of blockchain startup and DJ, I love combining my interests of entrepreneurship, technology, and music

Computer Science San Antonio, TX

 Shanshan Yang

I worked as a journalism intern at a publishing company and marketing assistant in a food industry. In the future, I would like to explore different opportunities and gain more work experience. I am proactive in my community volunteer work and enjoy public speaking as well as building positive relationships with people

Business Administration Guangzhou, China

Yiru Zheng

I have learned how to do customs declaration, book ship and load sheet through customs. I visited companies and factories around China, and learned the process of producing products, quality testing and packing. I also tutored students English during summer vacation in China. Moreover, I am interested in the company that focuses on the trade or online selling. In my free time, I enjoy reading novels and watching movies.

International Business Ningbo, China

 Susu Zhu

I am a sophomore majoring in finance, and I’m planning to pursue a career as a financial analysis/consultant in the future. I like watching dramas so the entertainment industry is where my interests are. I am currently working at the front desk of one of the on-campus residence halls and as a result I have a lot of experience in providing customer service.

Finance Beijing, China

Dana Su

I am a coffee and tea lover, and worked at my mom’s tea shop as the barista for more than 1 year. I’m a foodie and I’ve been to many cafes and restaurants in San Francisco. I enjoy the latte art, dessert, and ambiance of every cafe I’ve visited. I’m a visual and artistic person; I have a good sense of color and style

Marketing San Francisco, CA